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This one-day event was created to showcase proven, real-world applications for UAS in the energy space, and to offer insight from the energy production and infrastructure oversight personnel that are or are looking to use UAVs in fulfilling various field operation requirements. If you are on the energy production or infrastructure maintenance and build-out side, or the UAS commercial manufacturing and services side, this unique event is designed to highlight the fiscal allure and operational advantages of UAS and Energy.

Presenters at the UAS Energy In Sight Summit, will include:
  • On-shore and off-shore oil and gas production personnel
  • Midstream companies utilizing pipeline, rail or major storage terminals for fossil and non-fossil fuel commodities
  • Downstream liquids or power production facility personnel
  • Electrical grid and powerline entities
  • Wind farm managers
  • Wind tower inspectors
  • Grain storage and shipment specialists
  • Energy-related excavation and mining parties
  • Solar power providers, installers and inspectors
  • On-site energy managers and providers
  • Others


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